When one thinks about work, whether it be at your work-place or in your own office at home, people rarely think about the health hazards associated with it. Make no mistakes, sitting in front of a screen for hours every day can well have various negative effects on our entire bodies. The problems can come from bad posture while sitting but there are other issues that can arise such as migraines or problems with the eyes from using a compute screen all day long.

There is a science dedicated to a healthier work-place and office and this science is called ergonomy or ergonomics. Let us look at how the term ergonomy is defined according to the free dictionary:

1. (used with a sing. verb) The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Also called biotechnology, human engineering, human factors engineering.
2. (used with a pl. verb) Design factors, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by minimizing

The goal here is to layout and to design work-places and offices in such a way as to that they will cause the least health problems for us human beings. What can be done here may comprise of different things, ergonomic furniture is one of them and another example would be special computer monitors which are low on radiation or ergonomic input devices such as PC mice or keyboards that cause the least strain when one uses them for many hours per day.


Well, there is no way around the fact that horse racing is a gamble but this doesn’t mean that you cannot increase your odds at betting. Let’s be honest, if you enjoy the races as much as I do you will have twice as much fun if you actually win something, I don’t think anyone will have a doubt about that.


Horse Racing Is More Fun If You Win

Fact is that most people who go to the races do this more as a form of entertainment or simply to spend one exciting Saturday afternoon at the track. The professionals however, those guys to win more often than the average person don’t bet on everyone else’s favourites like most other people do but they have a system in place to increase their odds at the horses.

Now, most people may think that horse racing tips involve some Voodoo magic or that there are some secret systems around that are closely guarded  and where only a few select people know about them. Let me tell you that nothing can be further from the truth. Because the professional gamblers don’t use some secret system but what they do is to bet based on a well thought out strategy. And this strategy is actually pretty straightforward.

Knowledge is Everything

Winning at the races means that you know  on what horse and what jockey to put your money on. It means that you eliminate the luck factor with your knowledge. The best horse racing tips that can give you is that you should study the races and horses over some period of time, such as a couple of months. You should make note of every teams track record so you see what horses and what jockeys usually come out winners and which ones don’t. If you keep such a journal you will quickly see  patterns which should make it easier for you to decide which horse at the race has the best chances. You can also use the Internet for this type of research when you look up the statistics of previous horse races in addition to your own visits to the track.

Once you get the hang of this and when you got a feel for the winning horses with these horse racing tips you will see that you will win much more often as opposed to randomly betting or always getting rather low payouts by putting your money on everyone’s favourite.


Depending on the particular type of venue, business or industry, various types of fire suppression systems are being used today. Those systems help preventing personal injury and equipment damage from fires in many commercial venues all across the country.

Not all fire suppression systems are equally suitable for all businesses or venues since those can often have very specific requirements, depending on the circumstances. For instance, a fire suppression system that is water based or where the chemicals used for fire suppression would lead to corrosion would be entirely unsuitable for commercial settings that contain expensive electronic equipment that must be preserved. Server rooms, offices with electronic equipment but also locations such as libraries normally make use of fire suppression systems that won’t damage property and valuable interior.

For commercial kitchens, the Ansul R-101 fire suppression system is the most widely used fire suppression system today. It has proven effective in the prevention and suppression of fires that can often originate in kitchens. Today, it can be found in restaurants, hotels, bars, hospitals and many other venues with commercial kitchens.

The Ansul fire suppression system was created and designed to accommodate the unique conditions that are prevalent in today’s commercial kitchens: Deep fryers, grills, stoves or broilers pose a constant fire hazard that is more challenging when compared to other settings where fire hazards could exist. In commercial kitchens, fire suppressions must not only quickly extinguish fires; it must also cool liquids such as hot oils along with cooking equipment in the shortest time possible to prevent re-flash. In addition to the quick detection and elimination of fires in commercial kitchens, vapors must get under control quickly and restaurant downtime due to a fire must be kept at a minimum.

fireThe specific conditions in commercial kitchens are already challenging when it comes to the effective detection and suppression of fires, but there are also specific requirements for the extinguishing agents used: They must be cooking equipment friendly and can leave no harmful or toxic residue.

For commercial settings and venues such as restaurants or hospitals where the kitchen plays an integral role it is crucial that in the eventuality of a fire and after the fire quickly is under control there won’t be any lengthy clean-up time required due to extinguishing agent residue. The Ansul system excels in that regard since its extinguishing agent is self-dissolving, greatly reducing clean-up times and thus downtime for the business. Financial losses due to a fire are thus kept a minimum.

Two Types of The Ansul R-102 Fire Suppressions System Are Available

The Ansul fire suppression system is available in two types that are “appliance specific” and “overlapping”. The appliance-specific design aims the nozzles at the specific hazard areas of each appliance. With the overlapping design, the nozzles are arranged to overlap and provide a “fire-free zone” throughout a group of appliances. This allows flexibility in how the system can be integrated depending on the specifics of a particular venue.

With its quick fire detection and suppression and its superior rate of cooling for commercial kitchen equipment that can be 30x faster as compared to other systems, the Ansul R-102 is the best and most reliable fire suppression system available for commercial kitchens today. It is very popular and businesses worldwide rely on it for their safe every-day operations. Venues from restaurants to fast food chains everywhere are taking advantage of its numerous advantages: Minimal loss due to quick fire detection and suppression along with minimal downtime for the business.

If you are the owner of a venue where the kitchen has an integral role, fire suppression should be one of your main concerns. With the Ansul R-102 you will get the industry’s best fire suppression system. It is an investment that will quickly pay off.


The UK has a plethora of laws and regulations for safety at work. Every employer, any company is bound by UK law to follow these regulations for the safety and well-being of their employees.

Those laws and regulations cover all types of businesses in the UK, from retail stores to offices to warehouses to hospitals. In addition to safety regulations that can pertain to a certain type of venue, these laws also differ in regards to the type of work performed in a particular business or company. This is evident if someone realizes that various workplaces in the UK may pose different safety or health hazards.

Some workplaces may expose employees to toxic substances while other type of risks risks can exist for places in construction or manufacturing.

In the UK, each workplace requires a dedicated person whose task it is to communicate about health and safety concerns with the staff. This is the person to go to for any employee who will want to bring health or safety concerns to the attention of management. Obviously, this person must be well trained in and have a good understanding of applicable current workplace safety laws and rules.

Workplace safety rules and legislation in the UK can be very complex and varied. Nevertheless, today every employer has the responsibility to follow them to ensure the safest work conditions for their employees.